Contemporary baskets with handmade paper constructions by Sylvia Eisenbise Lehman.

Baskets and Handmade Paper Construction by Sylvia Lehman

I love textures, forms, possibilities and hardware stores.  A complexity of contrasts and unexpected connections please me.  I look for appearance rather than referencing function. With this attitude, the whole world becomes an art supply store.  My favorite hiking paths in the woods and fields around my studio provide a wealth of potential.  Some of my gleanings become handmade paper, allowing me to explore the correlation between pressed fiber and woven fiber.  A traditional weave structure with unexpected and nontraditional resolution invites us to look at and consider everyday objects in a new way and perhaps helps us be present and alive to what’s around us.

A friend who knows me well stepped into my studio one day and said, “You’re weaving your life.”  I feel fortunate to “tell” myself in this way, but the main event is visual; a complexity of textural forms, contrasts and unexpected connections.

I am a juried member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and a participating artist in the PA Arts Experience.  View the craft fairs and events I will be exhibiting and selling my baskets and paperwork by clicking my show schedule.